Ooma Office for WeWork FAQ

  1. What is Ooma Office for WeWork?

    Ooma Office for WeWork is a special Ooma service that is tailored specifically to WeWork customers. Our service includes:

    • All-inclusive pricing with no additional taxes and fees
    • Support for up to 200 users per account
    • Preconfigured, plug-and-play IP phones
    • Rental of IP phone included in monthly service
    • Free, expedited two-day shipping
    • Exclusive calling plan for discounted pricing on international calls
    • White glove service with free account setup assistance over the phone
    • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
    • Integration with WeWork member portal for support requests
    • Free return shipping
  2. How much does Ooma Office for WeWork cost?

    Ooma Office for WeWork costs £33.00 per month per user, including VAT.

  3. What features are included in the monthly price?

    The monthly price of Ooma Office for WeWork includes an exciting bundle of account and user features in addition to special services that are offered just for WeWork members. These features include:

    • Free number porting
    • Virtual receptionist
    • Ring groups
    • Audio conferencing service
    • Music on hold
    • Individual extension number
    • Dedicated phone number for direct calling
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling in the UK
    • Yealink T23G IP phone
    • Voicemail
    • Virtual Fax
    • Call forwarding

    For a complete list of all Ooma Office features, please see our feature summary.

  4. Can I bring in my own phones to use with Ooma Office for WeWork?

    We do not currently allow customers to bring in their own phones. Customer experience is very important to Ooma, and we can only provide high-quality support when we control the end-to-end customer experience including pre-provisioned IP phones that are plug-and-play compatible with the WeWork network.

  5. Do I need to purchase IP phones?

    An IP phone rental is included in the monthly cost of Ooma Office for WeWork service. All IP phones are preconfigured to work upon arrival for plug-and-play setup.

  6. What IP phone will I receive?

    Ooma Office for WeWork uses the Yealink T23G IP phone. A dual-port Gigabit Ethernet phone with support for HD voice and up to six simultaneous calls, this device is the perfect solution for a high-performance workplace.

  7. Does the IP phone support hands-free use?

    Yes. The Yealink T23G IP phone has support for hands-free speakerphone operation and comes with an RJ9 headset port. We recommend using the Yealink YHS33 headset with this phone for optimal results.

  8. What features are supported by the Ooma Office for WeWork IP phone?

    In addition to basic calling functions, the Yealink T23G IP phone supports the following features:

    • Call hold
    • Call transfer
    • Call forwarding
    • Call logs
    • Muting
    • Three-way conferencing
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Call waiting
    • Auto answer

    You can learn more about the operation of the Yealink IP phone by visiting our user guide.

  9. How long will it take to receive my phones once I place an order?

    Once you place an order, your phones will be shipped the next business day. With free two-day shipping*, you should be ready to place your first call within three business days!

  10. What steps do I need to take to set up my Ooma Office for WeWork IP phone?

    Setting up the Yealink T23G IP phone is as simple as plugging it in to the WeWork network and connecting the power cord. Your phone will boot up with your extension number and phone number already preconfigured. You can make your first call in just a few minutes.

  11. Does Ooma offer discounted international calling rates?

    Ooma Office offers an exclusive calling plan that gives you discounted pricing on international calling for $9.99 USD / $14.99 CAD per month. The plan applies to calls made by all Ooma Office users on the account.

  12. Does Ooma Office for WeWork have additional services available for purchase?

    You can review the pricing of add-on services including new users, additional phone numbers, and more by visiting our pricing chart.

  13. Can I port my phone number to Ooma Office for WeWork?

    Ooma Office for WeWork allows businesses to port (transfer) existing phone numbers to their accounts for free. Porting numbers can take anywhere from one to three weeks (depending on your current carrier) from the date that the port is requested. You will need to retain your phone number until the porting process is complete. While you wait, you can still use your Ooma service by forwarding calls from your current phone provider to Ooma.

  14. What is the porting process like?

    The number porting process has the following steps:

    1. Initiating porting: You can initiate a number port from Ooma Office Manager as soon as your account is created.
    2. Forward request: Once you have submitted your request, Ooma will review the information that you have provided and then forward the porting request to your carrier.
    3. Review request: Your current phone provider will review the information and provide a port date (also known as an FOC date).
    4. Port complete: On the FOC date, Ooma will test your account and complete the porting request for all numbers.
  15. Does Ooma Office for WeWork have a mobile app?

    An app for calling is currently unavailable, but you won’t have to wait long! The official Ooma Office for WeWork app will be coming soon to iTunes and Google Play in the UK.

  16. What support options are available?

    Ooma Office has the following support options for WeWork customers:

    • Phone support at 1800 531 894
    • Open a ticket in the WeWork member portal
    • Search our knowledge base
  17. Can I continue to use Ooma Office for WeWork if I relocate to a different WeWork location?

    Ooma Office for WeWork can be transferred between WeWork locations. Simply contact our Customer Care team and let us know the new location so that we can update your service address.

  18. Can I continue to use Ooma Office for WeWork if I leave WeWork?

    Unfortunately, the Ooma Office for WeWork service is only available for use within WeWork facilities.